Game Rules

Game Rules

For a Deadly Dinner game, each of the players assumes the role of a character in a murder mystery. Each of these characters is a prime suspect in the murder case; however, only one of them is the actual murderer.

The goal for most players is to solve the murder. The perpetrator, on the other hand, tries to get away with it. All players also have a personal goal to achieve as the game progresses. To keep it exciting, these personal goals may not be discussed until the end of the game.

The game consists of three rounds, during which everyone will gradually share information about what happened in the time leading up to the crime. Before each round, each player will silently read their own information from their character book for the upcoming round. Then, everyone can speak freely about what they now know. Try to find out which secrets and motives the other players may be hiding from you by discussing what happened and by asking questions.

Important: You can’t lie if you are not the perpetrator. If you are asked a question about one of your secrets, you must answer truthfully. You should pass on all information that you learn about other people and that does not incriminate you. This is the only way you can solve the murder.

A large floor plan is included with every Deadly Dinner game. We recommend placing the floor plan in the middle of the play area so everyone can easily see it. You will also find figures to represent your characters in the game box. Place the cardboard figures in the plastic stands so you can use them on the floor plan. This gives you the opportunity to re-enact certain moments in the story and to check where each character was at a certain point in time. This makes the Deadly Dinner even more realistic.