Overview of Play

Host your own murder mystery game

Our murder mystery games consist of three rounds in which every player receives new information about the course of events. In each round, players may also discover secret objects that can be found in sealed envelopes in the box.
Each player discovers their secret object at a different time.

We have summarized the individual game phases for you and, of course, you will find the complete instructions for your murder mystery in the rule book.

Whether you and your guests want to have dinner during your murder mystery or not is up to you. Depending on your personal preference, you can take breaks between the individual rounds or eat during the game. It is also possible to serve a buffet or a course for each round.

Please read the rules carefully. They include everything you need to know. If you don’t have your Deadly Dinner game yet, you can read the information on our website. With the help of the game rules or the information on the back of the game’s box, you can distribute the roles in advance—either in person or in a relaxed manner by email. Otherwise, all you must do is take care of the beautiful things: the decorations and something tasty to eat. You can find recipe and decoration suggestions here on the website. We have also created playlists on Spotify and Deezer.

Our games usually last around 3–4 hours. Of course, you can also expand the game and play it for 5–6 hours if you want to spend more time acting out your roles. Ultimately, the play time depends on the amount of discussion and how many (meal) breaks you take.

Absolutely! You can certainly join in as the host. Just choose one of the roles and play it on the evening of the game. Be careful not to read any of the other character books so you don’t spoil the fun by accidentally gaining knowledge you shouldn’t have.

Our Deadly Dinners have been developed so they can be played with a variable number of players. The instructions tell you which roles you can play and which you can leave out based on the number of players. If you want to distribute the roles digitally, you can simply select the button for the correct number of players in our download area. It is important to note that the unplayed roles on game day are all innocent. You can’t find them guilty and hand them over to the police!

Absolutely not. Our games are designed so that the supporting roles are also suspects and actively participate in the game. These roles have important information and their own secret objects and goals. Even the host won’t know which roles these are.

There’s always the option of assigning the extra role of game master. The game master is not considered as a suspect, but can guide you through the game and can also join in for the final accusation. This role is particularly useful for someone who doesn’t like to defend or discuss.

Absolutely not! In our experience, each of the roles can be played by any player. If you want to increase your gaming fun, you can cast the characters however you want.

The murderer knows from the start that they are guilty. They can help shape the story, because this is the only role that is allowed to actively lie, which leads to great fun. The murderer also knows why and how they committed the murder.

You don’t need any role-playing experience or acting talent to master our Deadly Dinner games. What’s most important is that you have fun discussing and investigating the crime. There are no scripted dialogues in our games, and they are not about perfect acting. It’s about having fun playing together. We also take care to create roles that everyone can easily find their way into.

In our experience, costumes can make the gaming experience more intense and fun. However, they are not necessary in any way. We recommend that you discuss with your guests beforehand whether you want to be in costume for the game.

Yes, costume suggestions are included both in the character books in the game and in the PDF character books that you can provide to your guests. You can also use the character illustrations as a guide.

Nach oben sind die Grenzen sicherlich offen. Aber um die Figuren glaubwürdig darzustellen, sollten die Mitspieler nicht jünger als 16 Jahre sein. Beachte bitte, dass der Inhalt auf Grund der amourösen Verstrickungen zwischen den Figuren nicht immer ganz jugendfrei ist.

Of course, if you don’t feel like cooking, you don’t have to serve dinner. We have had good experiences with players each bringing something for a buffet so that the evening is also relaxed for the host. Of course, the game also works without food. However, since the game lasts a few hours, your guests will appreciate snack breaks. We have also provided some simple recipe suggestions you can stick to.