The Case

Killing Woodstock

1970, ten people, one goal: Revive the legendary Woodstock Festival. A tranquil San Francisco commune, an up-and-coming rock band, and a tough motorcycle gang are united by their love of music, peace, and mind-expanding drugs. However, the festival turns into a death trip for the commune´s spiritual leader. Once the guru was found murdered, peace, love, and happiness were over.

The Case

The Last Rose

Electrifying attraction, breathtaking dates, and true love: As a TV dating show, The One promises to deliver viewers a literal fireworks of emotions. But the real drama takes place behind the scenes of this sequestered empire. Treason, intrigue, and resentment are the order of the day. But when one of the final candidates is found dead, the façade of the million-dollar show threatens to crumble in public.


Will you be able to figure out what happened and solve the murder?

The Case

Red Carpet in Ruins

At the end of the day’s shoot on the set for The Legionnaire Who Loved Me, the celebrated superstar Henry Steward has been found dead in his trailer. He was lying in his own blood next to his Oscar, which had been used to smash his head in. His bodyguard, posted in front of the trailer at the time, hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Still in shock from the gruesome murder, the film cast and crew members must find the culprit. One thing is abundantly clear: one of you is the murderer! Will you be able to discover what happened and solve the murder?