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Killing Woodstock

You can easily download and/or send the roles for your Deadly Dinner game here.

First, select the number of players to get the links for the start information for each of your guests. You can simply copy the links and then send the respective link by email or other messaging apps to each of your guests before the game. Each link leads to a PDF document with the most important information for the each of the roles.

Be careful: Each link is only meant to be seen by the guest who will be playing that role!!

This information will help your guests prepare for the game and will include:

Background information on the role including whether you are the killer or not

Information about the other suspects

Tips for playing the role and costume suggestions

Your guests don’t have to print this out or bring it with them, as the same information can also be found in the character books included in the game.

Important! This start information indicates whether you are the murderer or not.

Make sure that every guest receives the right link for their role and make sure that you also open only your own role!

We have password-protected access to the links with the role information so that nobody can accidentally see information for the other roles. Don’t worry, your guests don’t have to enter a password to read the documents!


The password is the first word on page 3 in the rules.