The Game

The Last Rose

1970, ten people, one goal: Revive the legendary Woodstock Festival. A tranquil San Francisco commune, an up-and-coming rock band, and a tough motorcycle gang are united by their love of music, peace, and mind-expanding drugs. However, the festival turns into a death trip for the commune´s spiritual leader. Once the guru was found murdered, peace, love, and happiness were over.

Players: 7-10

Play Time: 3–4 hours

Ages: 16+


Game Components

10 Character Books

10 Invitation Cards

10 Notes in envelopes

10 Character standees with plastic bases

10 Place Cards with plastic bases

1 Gameboards (Floor Plan)

1 Rulebook


Character Synopsis

For 7-10 players with up to 5 female and 5 male roles. Male and female roles can be played by any player.

What does this mean?


For the celebrated lead singer of the rock band Joint Failure, the festival will be a new career high.


The mysterious and gloomy guitarist has mastered all of her instrument’s 666 chords.


The passionate drummer is known for his rock star performance on stage. But privately, he also composes soulful ballads.


This impulsive motorcycle gang candidate still needs to prove himself before he can earn his colors.


The sullen leader of the motorcycle gang has just been released from prison. It certainly won’t be his last time behind bars.


This well-read student has shed her bourgeois constraints to start a new life in the commune with her husband.


Bookkeeper by day, hippie by night, this amateur songwriter gave up his day job so he could change the world with his histrionic songs.


She can barely remember Woodstock because this carefree flower child never says no to free love or free drugs.


During her travels through India, she found herself and Buddhism. She has a hug or a good word for everyone.


“Make peace, not war” is his motto. Instead of the army, this confirmed pacifist makes his home in the commune.
Music to Set the Mood

Music for Hosts - Killing Woodstock

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Creating a Suitable Ambiance

Decorating for your Deadly Dinner

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